Michelle   Michelle Wickman

I have lived in Santa Barbara my whole life (I'm the 9th generation born here). Currently I’m attending to Santa Barbara City College part-time for an Associates Degree in Biology.

I work full time at the Montecito Pet Shop as well as for a company called the Green Room, which installs and cares for live plants in businesses and homes around Santa Barbara.

I started volunteering for Nancy in Junior High (I think 8th grade but maybe 7th...so 7 or 8 years). We met through a mutual friend, who knew I wanted to work with wildlife in my future.


My boyfriend and I have tons of pets: four fish tanks, a cat, a dog, poison dart frogs and a few others. 

Although I love domestic animals, I really enjoy working with wildlife because I feel they are the ones who really need our help. Domestic animals usually have owners who can care for them and take them to the vet if needed. 

Wildlife really needs people to care for them
when they are sick or injured, especially when it was a human who hurt them in the first place.

  Photo by Michelle Wickman

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