Sharon  Sharon O'Reilly

I’m a Santa Barbara native.

In 1970 I married Dan O’Reilly. I was lucky to be a Bookkeeper for a few great companies in the Santa Barbara, Goleta area.

Retired in 2002 and after a 5-month trip around the U.S., visiting all the Major league Baseball Parks, we married off our only daughter. That has left me time to volunteer.

I started at the SB Animal Shelter and drifted to DAWG where I still volunteer.


Next I found SBWCN and still rehabilitate opossums in my home. 
My pastor assured me that they also needed my talents so I volunteer at church in the office.  

I represent DAWG and SBWCN at the SBCARES animal disaster planning meetings.

I have been blessed to work with some great people…and precious animals.

Picture by Sharon O'Reilly

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