WILDES Raccoon Ambassador

Elmo Raccoon Elmo in hammock
Elmo in his swing. Picture by Nancy Callahan Elmo in his hammock. Picture by Jackie Darbyshire

Elmo was found orphaned when he was only a few days old and raised without littermates. He became imprinted and could not be released.

He came to WILDES in 2008 and is a loveable and lively ambassador for his species.

Here's what Nancy had to say about him "I did THREE ed programs yesterday! I took Elmo. He is quite entertaining... He pooped, spilled his water grabbed a name tag off the table next to him, tipped over a basket of crayons and proceeded to eat a bright red one, AND exposed himself!!!(the teacher and I noticed but luckily the kids did not!)"

infant raccoon
Picture of an infant raccoon in rehab.

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