Recovering from the Jesusita Fire......was a long process!

J Fire Flames Photo by Robert P Brown(Will Macfadyen / Noozhawk photo)
Photo by Robert P Brown                                            Will Macfadyen / Noozhawk photo

The Jesusita Fire began on May 5 2009 and burned 8733 acres
before it was finally contained on May 20 2009.

W.I.L.D.E.S.'s headquarters was totally destroyed by the fire.
Thanks to the help of many wonderful people,
we were able to safely evacuate ALL of the animals!

Photos by Nancy Callahan

Read the Noozehawk story
After the Fire,Wildlife Rescue Center Could Use One of Its Own
By Lara Cooper

burned raccoon
Lara Cooper / Noozhawk photo

Burned Raccoon Update - by Nancy Callahan

This raccoon showed up about a week after the fire. We were able to trap him and treat his badly burned feet. It took about six months for his paws to heal (although he had fewer claws and new pink pads).

We released him on site so that we could have food available if he needed it. After five months he was found, about a mile away, very thin and limping. Animal Control trapped him and returned him to our facility. He is once again recooperating.

At this time (Sept 2010), we are not sure if he will be able to be released or if he will become an Education animal.

July 11th 2009 W.I.L.D.E.S. volunteers and supporters gathered
and worked hard to clear away the wreckage. See a slideshow:

Pictures by Nancy Callahan / Slideshow by Fiona Nguyenphuc

Thanks to the hard work of our volunteers and help of all
our supporters, the W.I.L.D.E.S. facility is thriving once again!

Here are some pictures of the W.I.L.D.E.S. facility today...

new facility
Picture by Nancy Callahan

3 babies 2 babies
Pictures by Dan Nguyenphuc

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Thank You,
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Wendy McCaw Foundation
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after the fire!

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Geoff Ball
Lorraine Blazavier
Pam Christian
Judy Connors
Tom & Nanci  Elliott
Greenside Family
Cindy  Grossman
Richard Hegeman
Frank Heintz
Virginia Henthorn
Elizabeth Hvolboll
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Paul Ouelette
Robles Pest Management
Steve Sellers
Women at Maripro

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Karen Bumenshine
Mark Cavalier
Pam Christian
SB City Animal Control
Tim Collins
Kirk Connally
Marla Daley
Jeff Deming
Ashley Dulmage
Debbie Higgins
Teri Issacson
Lynn Mclarin
Montecito Pet Shop
Mary Overton
SB Equine Evacuation & Assistance
SB Humane Society
Teresa  Schlagel
Michelle Wickman
& Matt Petrich

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Clean-up & Rebuiling Volunteers!!

Tsering Alleyne
Mari Bartoli
Susan  Block
Ginny Brush
Diane Cannon
Dan Collie
Jackie Daryshire
Lisa & Emily Derrick
Ashley Dulmage
Kelly & Charlie Eckberg
Dan George
Tibby Gunther
Janet, Greg & Casey Hampton
Molly & Joe Hanna
Kipp Harmer
Nancy Herrmann
Caitlin Jessen
Erik Leipnik
Dan & Fiona Nguyenphuc
Anthony Nunez
Jebbie  Oquist
Robbie Robinson
Susan, Chris & Raquel Robles
Ellwood Schpansky
Mary Sheldon
Randy Turner
Michelle Wickman
& Matt Petrich


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Construction Donors!!

Mark Cavalier Welding
Santa Barbara
Sand & Topsoil
Jim Thaten Concrete
Jim Wickman Electrical


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