WILDES Opossum Ambassador

Treasure Treasure
Picture by Dawn Summerlin
Picture by Nancy Callahan

Treasure was found wandering around a Solvang, Ca parking lot with six Joeys (babies), malnourished, confused and dehydrated. Opossums make wonderful mothers, but as such a young mother, perhaps Treasure didn't quite know how to take care of herself and her babies. Dawn Summerlin brought Treasure home, gave her a smorgasbord of good food and she rallied, saving her babies who were all successfully released back into the wild!

Treasure became ill shortly after and was declared a "non releasable". Now she makes her home with Dawn, and is a terrific ambassador for this misunderstood species!

Treasure & elmo at work
Treasure & Elmo hard a work, teaching kids about wildlife!

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